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For most loans WCTCU employs a risk-based lending program which will reward the members having stronger credit scores while attempting to assist members with weaker credit. Visit with our Loan Officer for details. Remember, we’ve been helping Wharton County Educators and their families for over 65 years. WCTCU is a Great Place to Save and Borrow.

Beginning in 2020, WCTCU will award annually two scholarships to deserving graduates of a Texas high school accredited by TEA. Please call the credit union and talk with Sandy Koutny for details.

A Risk Based lending system and your credit score is used to determine the interest rate on most loans. Fixed Rates are applied to Emergency Loans (15%) and Shares Secured Loans.

Ever find yourself in a financial pinch with your loan payments? Ask about our “Miss A Payment” program. Your credit union will make every effort to lighten your debt burden.


In response to the recession caused by pandemic of Covid 19, the Board has adjusted the dividend rate beginning 7/1/2020. The rate will be reevaluated as the economy continues to rebound. The dividend rate paid is 0.10% for all share accounts.


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